The Basement Workshop

Walnut Fork Knitting-Sewing Table Album

Determining First Cuts

Second Cut

Main Billet Trimmed

Face Plane Jointed

Gluing Top Panel

Mock-up of Leg and Leg Patterns

Top of Leg Detail

Mass Model

Mock-up of Leg and Top Pieces

Mock-up of Top Frame

Mock-up of Side

Sketches of Details

Sketches of Construction Details

Details From Side

Overall Sketch

Piecing Hinge End Overlay

Orienting Overlays to Top From the End

Frame and Top Panel

Panel and Frame Ready for Assembly

Tongue and Groove - Mortise and Tenon - Dovetailed Plate

Gluing Mortise and Tenons

Pocket and Unfinished Panel for Dovetailed Plate

Trimming Floor of Dovetail

Planing End Piece Flush

Gluing Support Slat Onto Lid

Checking Exterior Grain of Glued Components

Checking Exterior Grain of Glued Components From Back

Bottom Panel Glued and Smoothed

Checking Interior Grain of Glued Components

Checking Interior Grain Patterns

Trying Out Frame Pieces

Planing Slight Curve Into Lid End

Cutting Mortises for Slip Tenons

Homemade Scraper Preparing Slip Tenon Stock

Sides and Lid of Table

Slip Tenons Ready To Be Fitted Into Legs

Set-up for Transferring Tenon Locations Onto Legs

Transferring Tenon Locations

Double Marks for Mortises

Mortises Cut Using Double Marks

Initial Assembly

Spokeshaving Edges

Spokeshaved Edge

Top Panel

Crotch Grain in Top Panel

Top Panel Frame

Right Front Leg Detail

Front Left Leg Detail

Left Back Detail

Left Panel

Right Front Detail

Right Back Detail

Lid Handle and Leg Top Close-up

Right Hinge Detail

Inside Grain Patterns

Inside Grain Patterns Straight On

Laminated Front Piece


Grain Selections In Top Elements

Back With Open Top

Front Left From Seated Height

Front Right From Seated Height

Right From Seated Height

Back Left From Seated Height

Left Close-up From Above

Front Close-up From Above

Right From Above

Back Close-up From Above

Back Left Close-up From Above

Inside From Above

Front Left


Front Right

Right Side

Back Right


Back Detail

Back Left

Left Side