The Basement Workshop

Walnut Baptismal Stand Album

After A Flood In Storage

Refining the Rainbow Curve

Gluing Worst Corner After Cleaning and Finish Restoration

Gluing Final Corners After Restoration


Front Slight Left

Front Slight Right

Front Right

Front Left

Left Front

Right Front


A Knife for Circumcision and Waters for Baptism

A Firepot That Passed Between the Pieces and A Rainbow



Recarved Rainbow

Water and Blood Bowl With Carved Panel

Water and Blood Bowl


Corner Detail

Baptismal Stand and Print

Baptismal Stand Front View

Baptismal Stand and Grass Cloth

Top of Stand

Top of Stand Composition

Symbols of The Covenant

Circumcision Knife

Baptismal Waters

Fire and Rainbow

Tested Dovetails

Bowl and Other Symbols

Bowl and Top Interplay

Beautiful Glaze

New Bowl Let Into Top

Front View Composition

Sapwood for Smoking Firepot

Unto Thee O God Do We Give Thanks