The Basement Workshop

Tall Ash Cabinet Album

Retrieving Ash Plank

Risky First Cut

Opening Up Rip Cut

Cutoffs from Curved Sides

Bottom Curved Sides Spacer

Bottom Drilling Template and Side Spacer

Top Drilling Template and Bottom Drilling Template with Side Spacer

Top Side Spacer Reused to Shape Shelf Ends

Drill Guide for Pattern Drilling

Pattern Drilling Curved Side for Dowels

Pattern Drilling Back Stile for Dowels

Dowel Drilling Finished Through Template Into the Sides

Curved Sides With Doweling Templates

Shelf Hole Drilling Template with Bushings

Mock Up of Base

Leg Blocks and Scraps

Prep for Glue Up of Side Rails for Base

Form for Base Side Rails

Laminating Side Rails of Base

Base Pieces Completed

Gluing Base Leg Assembly

Applying Finish to Back Rail-Panels

Gluing Curved Side to Back Rail-Panel

Curved Side and Back Assembly Ready for Dowels

Gluing Curved Side and Back Assembly Dowels

Scrap Used for Test Cuts

Top Prefinished and Ready for Gluing

Precut Hinge Mortise

Precut Door Stop Mortises

Gluing Top to Side and Back Assemblies

Gluing Bottom to Side and Back Assemblies

Gluing Up Carcase

Assembling Base to Carcase

Door Handle Detail

Upper Part of Cabinet

Curved Top from Below Detail

Curved Top from Above Detail

Top Door Stops-Latches

Inside Detail

Shelf Detail

Lower Part of Cabinet

Lower Inside Detail

Lower Hinge Detail

Completed Tall Ash Cabinet

Front View

Slightly Oblique View

Shelf Spacing

Both Doors Open

Left Side Oblique from Back

Right Side Oblique from Back

Right Side View

Back View

Initials on Carcase Underside