The Basement Workshop

Sycamore Cabinet Album

Sycamore Plank

Plank Planed to Reveal Color

Looking for Inspiration

Trying Out Finish

Decisive First Cut

Determining Length of the Door

Cutting Door to Length

Starting  Design On Rough Plank

Planing Door to Slight Curve

Door Planed to Highlight Wispy Flame Pattern

Determining Side Pieces

Trimming Top to Straighten Grain LInes

Planing the Sides

Trimming the Sides to Even Sapwood in Each

Planing Outside Face of Sides

Doweling Jigs

Jig for Drilling Holes for Bottom Dowel Joints

Clamping on Jointer - A Good Flat Surface

Just Finished

Hanging Front

Hanging Front Left In Room

Hanging Front Right

Hanging Front Right Featured Grain Pattern

Back Left On Pedestal

Front Right On Pedestal

Front  On Pedestal

Front Left On Pedestal

Front With Door Open

Front Right In Room Door Open

Empty - Shelf Low

Lower Hinge Detail In Room

Lower Hinge Detail In Room Closeup

Bottom Right In Room Detail

Left Shelf Detail

Shelf Support Detail

Catch Detail

Back Panel Grain Patterns

Back Top Right

Door Open Bottom Detail

Door Edge Detail

Bottom Right Front

Bottom Left Front

Back Top Left

Mark Detail

Bottom Left Back


Top End Grain

Top Left Front In Room