The Basement Workshop

Siloam Walnut Coffee Table Album

First And Second Design Of Base

Fourteen Year Old Markings and Glue Joints

Gluing Fourteen Year Old Halves

Mock-Up Of Base In Living Room

Front View Of Mock-Up

Scraping Center Glue Joint Full Shot

Outside Alignment Edges Drawn

Leg Blanks And Overlays

Overlays Arranged On Leg Blanks

Scraping Overlays

Gluing Leg Overlays

Legs Overlaid Trimmed And Planed

Sawing Tapered Leg Shoulders

Ends Shoulders And First Inside Curve Cut

Spokeshaving Inside Curves Full Shot

Overlays Glued To Stretchers

Closeup Of Overlays Glued To Stretchers

Planing Faces of Stretchers

Planed Face Of Stretcher

Closeup Of Planed Face Of Stretcher

Ends Of Stretchers Trimmed - Testing Leg Reveal

Testing Leg Reveal Closeup

Checking Legs And Strechers Prior To Cutting Loose Mortise And Tenons

Setting Up To Cut Mortises

Adjusting Mortise Height

Cutting The Stop Holes

Cutting Between The Stop Holes

Bandsawn Leg Shoulder

Planing The Leg Shoulders

Setup For Gluing Loose Tenons Into Stretchers

Mortise and Loose Tenon

Working The Back Edge With A Spokeshave

Working The Leg Edges With A Spokeshave

Prefinishing With Oil

Top Prefinished With Oil

Closeup Of Top Prefinished With Oil

Gluing First Mortise and Tenon

Gluing Last Two Mortise and Tenons

Checking Level After Initial Clamping

Joining Top and Base

Marking the Table

Polished Base

Front View With Rug

Finished Table On Bench Closeup

Right Front End

End From Right

End Oblique On Drop Cloth

Right Front Leg

Top and Apron Along the Edge


Long Overhang

Left Front Detail

Right Front Leg Closeup

Polished Top


Last Step -- Resharpening