The Basement Workshop

Siloam Walnut Bible Box Album

Sketch with Solid Curved Top

Looking for Wood Day One

Looking for Wood Day Two

More Looking for Wood Day Two

Siloam Walnut

Laying Out Wood Using Mock-Up of Mass

Final Layout of Initial Cuts

Initial Cuts

Ripped Into Two Billets

Billets Jointed on Face

Billets Resawn into Lid - Front - Back - Bottom and Sides Cut

Sketch of Lid Construction

Planing Angled Edges

Angled Edges and Invisible Joints

Gluing First Pair

Gluing First Pair Close-Up

Gluing Final Pair - Note Light Underneath

Squeeze Out

Planing Inside Coopered Lid

Outside of Lid with Planes

Final Planing the Inside of Coopered Lid

Inside of the Coopered Lid

Replaning Edges to Vertical

Composing Grain Patterns Close-Up

Ready to Layout Dovetails

Pins Marked and Ready to Cut

Dovetails from Left Front Above

Prefinishing Inside Prior to Glue-Up

Dry Run of Glue-Up

Close-Up of Corner Caul

Inside View Close-Up Prior to Gluing

Long View

Front Left


Front Right Even Higher

Rear From Right

Left From Rear

Opened Lid

Opened From Front Right

Opened With Bible

Front Left Dovetails

Front Right Dovetails

Hinges From Inside

Extreme Close-Up of Dovetail and Planing Tear