The Basement Workshop

Oak Reading Table Album

Black Oak Slabs

Sketching Top In Chalk

Stained Warped and Cracked

Cutting Slab

Laying Mold For End Aprons

Laying Mold For End Aprons Close-Up

Dry Clamping End Apron With Mug

Setup for Applying Glue

Cutting Laminated End Aprons to Size

Cutting Angled Ends On Side Aprons

Checking Size

Leg Blank and Aprons On Top

Leg Blank and Aprons From Inside

Cutting Mortise in Curved Apron

Initial Assembly of Leg Blanks and Aprons

Close-Up of Quartered Oak in Leg Blank and Aprons

Props Taped Onto Diamond Shaped Blanks for Bandsawing

Bandsawing First Inside Curve

Some First Curves Sawn

Props for Bandsawing Second Inside Curve

Sawing Second Inside Curve

Base Roughed Out

Trimming the Edges of the Laminations Square

Ready to Apply Finish to Legs and Aprons

Legs and Aprons With Finish Applied

Gluing One Apron End

Gluing Last Two Apron Ends

Closeup of Clamp Setup

Trimming Apron After Gluing

Buffing Wax With Old Wool

Inside Corner

Diamond Shaped End of Leg

Flipped Over On Bench

Upside Down


Shimmering Oak Quarter Grain

Medullary Rays

Finished Table From End

Top From End

Top Of Leg From Side

Tapered Chamfer On Edge

Prependicular Annual Rings

Table Mug and Flowers

Table Mug Flowers and Parrt of Chair

Table in Setting CloseUp

Top From End CloseUp