The Basement Workshop

Oak Burl Tea Table Album

Idea on Burl

Setup for First Cut

Oak Burl to be Cut Open

Wedges Stabilize Uneven Burl

Cutting Through Burl

First Cut Through Burl Done

Two Parallel Cuts Done

Determining Tapered Guide for Third Cut

Third Cut Done

Cutting Slabs for Top

Two Slabs Bookmatched

Ellipse Pattern Based On Burl Slab Sizes

Negative of Pattern Used for Placement

Alignment Plates for Edge Gluing

Scraping Away Bandsaw Marks

Scraping Top

CloseUp of Scrapings to Left

Top Scraped

Detail Along the Glueline

Fairing Ellipse With a File

Closeup of Edge

Prefinishing Knots Cracks and Other Flaws

Edge Profile From Right

Top After Initial Coat of Finish

Large Billet of Oak

Billet Jointed

Legs Laid Out On Slab From Billet

Chevron Grain Pattern

Spokeshaving Leg Profile

Trying Out Stand Elements

Mostises In Short Stretcher Arm

Slip Tenons in Mortises In Short Stretcher Arm

Long Stretcher Assembled Onto Short Stretcher Arm

Second Short Stretcher Arm Being Added

Completed Stretcher Joint

Assembled Unshaped Stretchers

Close-Up of Stretcher Joint

Another Check Before Shaping

Pieces Ready For Finish

Ready To Glue Stretcher To Leg Tenon

Gluing Stretcher Tenons

Clamping Glued Stretcher Assembly

Detail of Glued Stretcher Joint

Gluing Leg

Gluing Last Leg

Edge Details

Chevron Grain Pattern With Top

Chevron Grain Pattern From Top of Leg

From Long Oblique

From Long Axis

From Short Axis

Top Stretchers and Legs

Detail of Top Stretcher and Leg From Right

Oblique View In Corner With Flowers

Long Axis View In Corner With Flowers

Against Wall Long Axis

Flowers On Table