The Basement Workshop

Maple Burl Bible Box Album

Maple Burl Cutoffs Close-Up

First Sketch

Maple Burl Cutoffs Piece to Resaw

Resawing Burl

Top Piece Flipped

Trial ArrangementWith Mug

Burls Arranged and Trimmed

Early Sketching

Later Sketching of Construction Details

First Layout Line

Sawing Down The Middle

Top And Edge Jointed

Resawing To Get Slabs for Top Frame

Edge Trimmed With Grain Aligned

Checking Look of Frame Wood With Panels

Long and Short Frame Pieces and Splines Ripped From One Piece

Checking Figure For Frame Pieces

Judging Figure and Determining Length Of Long Frame Pieces

Judging Figure and Determining Length Of Short Frame Pieces

Layout For Slip Tenon Joints

Sawing Slip Tenons Close-Up

Slip Tenon Close-Up

Slip Tenons Cut and Cross Trimmed To Fit

Planing Spline For A Press Fit

A Good Press Fit

Outside Splines Installed

Long Inner Spline Pressed and Glued

Close-Up of Spline Butt Joint

Prefinishing Parts Prior to Assembly From Front

Gluing Lid

Mocking Up

Final Glue Joint In Bottom Panel From Front

Fit of Bottom Panel in Side

Bottom Fitted

Close-Up From Underneath of Fitted Bottom

Prerouting of Back Side for Hinge

Test Assmebly After All Joinery Cut

Fit of Dovetails Before Gluing and Trimming From Front

Pieces of Box Ready for Prefinishing

Photo Composition of Parts Close-Up

Prefinishing of Inside Sufaces

Mortise for Handle Close-Up

Carved Burl Handle From Right

Box and Wood and Mug From Right Front

Box and Wood and Mug From Right Front Close-Up

Box and Wood From Right Front

Left Front of Box

Box and Wood and Mug From Front Left

Open From Right Front Close-Up

Handle and Burls Close-Up

Shimmer of Burls

Bottom and Signature

Bottom With Box On End and Wood

Dovetails and Slip Joint and Hinge From Back

Box From Back and Wood

Box With Lid Open From Back Left

Close-Up Of Cross Joinery

Slip Joint

Detail of Hinge From Inside

Detail of Beveled Edge On Burl Panels

Close-Up of Hinge

Inside of Box With Lid Open