The Basement Workshop

Mahogany Reading Table Album

Old Sketch Provides the Basis for Leg

New Sketch With Refined Leg

Old Leg Prototype - New Leg Prototype - Pattern

Ripping Billet

Billet With Two Sides Jointed True

Two Leg Slabs Cut

Using Spokeshave to Fair Inside Curve of Leg Slab

Trimming Leg Slabs

Two Slabs - Four Legs

Outside Cuts Done

One Billet - Lots of Sawing - Four Legs

Smoothing Inside Of Legs

Legs Mocked Up As End and Side

Checking in Room Closeup

Plank of Old Cuban Mahogany

Cuban Mahogany Billett Carefully Sawn in Face Veneers

Gluing Veneer Into Sheets

Cuban Mahogany Face Veneer - Mahogany Back Veneer

Shop Setup to Clamp Veneer Sheets

Ample Even Squeeze Out - A  Hopeful Sign

Scraping the Cuban Mahogany Top

Wedge Shaped Planing Sled

CloseUp of Applied Thick Veneer and Edges

Mostising Leg

Fitting Front Right Leg Mortise

Setup to Check Alignment of Drawer Slides and Drawer Face

Good Alignment

Layout of Dovetail Pins On Drawer Front

Pins Cut In Drawer Front CloseUp

Testing Fit After Cutting Tails At Rear of Drawer CloseUp

Drawer Dovetails Cut

Drawer Front and Side From Front

Checking Drawer Slides and Alignment

Preliminary Fitting

Fitting Drawer End Mortise and Tenon Joints

Spokeshaving Legs to Finish

Bandsaw Marks Gauge Progress

Faces Shaped  - Edges Not Shaped

Shaping Edges

Tiny Shavings Taken When Shaping Edges

Back View of Prefinished Legs

Prefinished Sides

Gluing Drawer End on Table Saw Bottom Right

Glued Drawer End - Drawer Front Removed

Mies En Place for Gluing Sides to Ends

Gluing Sides to Ends

Gluing Sides to Ends Inside View

Alignment Marks and Checking for Checking for Square

Mock Up of Molding

Cutting Mortise for Drawer Pull

Carving Drawer Pull of Tulipwood

Fitting Drawer Slides


Front Left From Above

Right Front

Right Rear

Left Front

Left Front With Drawer

Top Horizontal Shot

Top Vertical Shot

Cuban Mahogany in Top

Right Drawer Front


Drawer and Slide From Rear

Drawer Slide and Top Button

Left Drawer Outline