The Basement Workshop

Finn Juhl Bwana Ottoman Album

Delaminated Ottoman Frame

New Laminated Maple Ottoman Frame

Weaving New Elastic Webbing

Trying Out Upholstery Layers

First Layer of Foam

Second Layer of Foam

Muslin Cover

Yipes, Too Sloppy!

Plan for a Better Corner

Better Corner Test

Cutting Leather for the Seat

Covering the Seat With Leather

Crafting a Good Leather Corner

Folding the Corner

A Finished Corner

Finished Seat in Leather

Seat Remounted in the Teak Frame

Seat Corner Detail

Pillow in Muslin

Leather Bottom Panel for Pillow

Hook and Loop Pillow Closure

Top Panel of Pillow With Unfinished Welting

Top Panel of Pillow With Finished Welting

Finished Ottoman (Almost)

Finished Ottoman With Some Stuffing Removed

Bwana Ottoman With Bwana Chair