The Basement Workshop

Dogwood and Hickory Bible Box Album


Composing the Sides Horizontal Shot

Testing Finish on the Leftover Billet

Pieces Ready for Prefinishing

Preparation to Glue First Two Corners of Frame

Determining the Reveal Along the Top

Trimming for Grain Alignment

Determining the End Cuts With Reference

Mock-Up With Sides Cut to Length From Right

Third and Final Dovetail Layout Pin Board Cut

Pin Board Cut and Tail Board Sawn

Dovetail Progress at the End of a Day

Dovetails Done and Groove for Panel Routed

Dry Run of Glue-Up

Glue Block for Dovetail During Glue-Up

Mortising Right Hinge

Left Hinge In Top From Front

Marking Ends of Box Mortises

Hinge Mortises Done

Left Back Dovetails Trimmed and Trimmed Edge

Left Front Dovetails Trimmed and Untrimmed Edge

Ready for Final Trimming

Checking for Wobble

Finished Box From Left

Finished Box From Right

Back Right Corner

Front Left Corner

Open With Coffee Mug Close-Up

Front Detail

Left Panel

Left Cross and Panel Detail

Right Cross and Panel Detail

Bottom of Cross Detail

Front From Left Open

Left Front From Above

Front Left Corner Detail

Back From Left Open

Back Left Close-Up

Opening Dogwood and Hickory Bible Box

Dogwood and Hickory Bible Box Open with Bible From Right

End of the Day No Flash