The Basement Workshop

Chinese Cedar Bible Box Album

Original Sketch

The Pile To Be Searched

Tearing the Pile Down

Possible Wood

The Pile Reassemembled

Some Wood Pulled From the Pile

Bandsawing Piece for Chinese Cedar Bible Box

Chinese Cedar for Bible Box

Ripping Prior to Resawing

Studying Lid to Determine Length and Angle

Asymmetrically Coopered Top

Sketch of Side Stapled to End of Top

Determining How to Trim Front and Back Sides

Front and Back Sides Trimmed

Determining Length of Front and Back Sides

Trimming Front and Back Sides to Length Close-Up

Cutting Pins of Back Right from Standing

Cutting Pins of Back Right Close-Up

Pins Cut

Back Left Pins from Back

Setup for Cutting Dovetail Tails From Across the Room

Setup for Cutting Dovetail Tails From Sawhorse

Unfinished Top, Dovetailed Sides, and Stock for Bottom

Routing Angled Groove for Bottom Tongue

Marking Top of Side

Taking Shape From Front Left

Taking Shape from Back

Preparing Glue Blocks

Glue Blocks

Lid From Left End

Lid and Left End

Lid Left and Front

Overall From Above Left End

Lid From Above Front

Lower Back Right

Right End

Lid Opened From Left Front

Open Lid With Well Worn Bible

Detail of Lid Curve

Detail of Back Dovetails from End

Top Left End Grain Effects

Front Right Corner Detail

Front Right Corner Detail Close-Up

Back Left Corner Detail

Back Left Corner Detail Close-Up

Waist-Hip Grain Pattern in Wood