The Basement Workshop

Cherry Chiffonier Album

First Billet Cut Into Overlays for Doors

Overlays for Doors

Overlays for Front of Doors

Overlays for Back of Doors

Solid Cherry Cores and Edges and Faces

Pieces for One Side Closeup

Setup for Scraping Back of Facing

Scraping Back of Facing

Gluing On Edging

Planing The Sides

Planing Sides To Center Seam

Prefinishing Core Behind Flaws Before Laminating

Prefinishing Core Behind Flaws Before Laminating - Right Door

Prefinished Core - Surrounding Area Scraped

One Side Glued - Pieces of the Other Side

Setup for Applying Glue

Gluing Side

Initial Mockup of Doors and Sides

Drilling Dowel Holes Using Side Cutoffs For Templates

Back Panels - Components of One - the Other Glued

Scraping Back Panels

Fitting Hinges To Doors

Drilling Shelf Holes

Overlays for Base

From the Front

From the Back

Door Slightly Open

Door Open

Both Doors Open

Right Side

Left Side

Left Front

Left Rear

Left Front With Door Open

Left Front With Both Doors Open


Close-up of the Base

Close-up of the Top

Base Detail from Right Side

Left Front Bottom Hinge Detail

Door Stop Detail

Right Bottom Hinge Detail

Close-up Left Bottom Hinge Detail

Inside From Left

Shelf Holes and Side

Top Hinge Detail


Standing In Front

From Front Detail

Top Right Hinge Detail

Knobs Grain and Top

Handmade Knobs

Inside Back and Shelf

Top Detail From Left Front

Doors From the Top

Door Latch Detail

Taking Pictures