The Basement Workshop

Cherry Cabinet With Angled Door Album

Cherry Cut and Stacked in 1983 - 25 Years Ago

25 Years of Age

Pieces Arranged As Remembered

Trying Out Door Panel Design

Planing Center Seam of Redesigned Front Panel

Test Clamping a Tricky Joint

A Good Fit

Actual Glue-Up


Sawing Angled Core for Cabinet Door Frame Pieces

Ripping Core Into Top and Bottom Frame Pieces

Angled Core Ripped Into Top and Bottom Frame Pieces

Top and Bottom Angled Cores In Position

Clamping Edge Overlays

Trimming Edge Overlays

Planing Face Overlays

Gluing Face Overlays

Gluing Inside Face Overlays Close-up

Cutting Tenon On End of Angled Panel

Fitting Panel Tenon Into Top of Door Frame

Mocking Up Side Details

Setting Up to Glue Door Frame Tenons

Door Frame Tenon Detail

Door Frame Tenon Clamped

Preliminary Determination of Bottom Margin

Set-up for Drilling Dowel Holes in Top

Set-up for Drilling Dowel Holes in Sides

Planing Edges of Glue Joint in Back Panel

Gluing Back Panel

Clamping Two Corners of Back Panel Frame

Pressure Applied From Three Directions

Determing Top and Bottom Profiles and Overhangs

Using Jig to Drill Shelf Holes

Door Support Button Made and Fitted Before Assembly

Top Door Latch Made and Fitted Before Assembly

Mortising for Hangers Before Assembly

Top and Side Dowel Joint

Gluing Cabinet Joints

First Cuts While Mortising Bottom Hinge

Left Front Low

Close Left Front


Right Front Close

Right Front Low

Lower Right Front

Bottom Detail of Angled Door

Bottom Right Corner

Bottom Rail

Bottom Left Detail

Top Left Close-Up

Top Right Detail

Top Peak Detail

Open Door

Straight On Door Open With Objects

Objects Close-up

Right Hanger

Less Than Perfect Hanger Mortise

Top Right Back Detail

Bottom Right Back

Left Shelf Supports

Shelf Support Detail

Door Support Button

Lower Door Hinge

Bottom Of Door From Inside

Top Hinge

Left Hanger

Door Pressure Catch