The Basement Workshop

Canticles Bible Box Album

Sketching Possibilities With Chalk

Sketch of Waist-Hip Curve

Carving in Suitable Panel From Front Right

Carving in Suitable Panel From Front

Carving in Suitable Panel From Right Front

Billet From Which Panel Was Taken

Panel Removed Two Remaining Halves

Right Half Resawn Into Sides

Panel With Sides

Left Half Resawn Into Front and Back

Panel With Sides Front and Back

Breadboard Ends Cut From Old Leftover

Panel With Sides Front Back and Breadboard Ends

Trimming Panel

Mortise Cut In Breadboard Tenon

Slip Tenon Inserted Into Breadboard Tenon

Trimming Slip Tenon

Prefinishing Pieces of Top Before Gluing

Determining Height With Sides Clamped to Assembled Top

Determining Height Along With Gluing Bottom Panel

Checking Grain Prior to Cutting to Length

Underside of Bottom

Ready to Sign

Front Left


Front Right

Front Right Close-Up

Left Side

Front Left Open

Left Front Open

Front Left Corner Detail

Right Back Corner Detail