The Basement Workshop

Ash Bible Box Album


Sketch of Side Profile

Top of Sides Grain Patterns

Glue-up for Sides

Profile Drawn and Excess Cut Away Close-up

Early Shaping of Side Profile


Unexpected Worm Hole

Worm Hole Cut Away and Stock for Fix

Trimming Worm Hole Fix On Inside Face

Worm Holes Fixed

Mocking-Up for Width

Mocking-Up for Length

Pins for Dovetails Drawn

Chopping Pins

Sawing Back Hand Side of Tails

Sawing Fore Hand Side of Tails Close-Up

Chopping Tails

Tails Cut Excess Remains Close-Up

Excess Trimmed From Tails

Dovetails Cut Viewed From Side

Routing Groove in Sides for Bottom Panel

Routing Groove in Ends for Bottom Panel Close-Up

Handplaning Top

Untrimmed Top Handplaned to Finished Surface

Planing Curve on Top Edge of Sides

Prefinishing Inside Surfaces Prior to Assembly

Box Glued Blank for Glue Blocks Milled

Checking Glue Blocks Blank


Front - Side Emphasis

Front -Top Emphasis

Front Left Figured -Top Emphasis

Back Left -Top Emphasis

Back -Top Emphasis

Back Right -Top Emphasis

Right Back -Top Emphasis

Right - Side Emphasis

Right Front - Side Emphasis

Front Right Open -Top Emphasis

Open Front - Side Emphasis

Open Back Right - Side Emphasis

Front Left Dovetail Detail - Top Emphasis

Left Front Dovetail Detail

Front Left Dovetail Detail

Front Right Dovetail Detail

Right Front Dovetail Detail

Dovetails on Grasscloth

Curved Right Side Detail

Handle Detail